Things My Sister Drags Me To: A chat with Terry Pratchett


Review of the conversation:    

We were sitting behind the stage, staring at the back of Sir Pratchett’s lovely head. I couldn’t help admiring his cool hat.

Thankfully they were sitting on swivel chairs and we were happy when about halfway through the conversation they turned around to face us unfortunate people in the back row.

My sister thought that the introduction by Ann Mosop was unnecessary. I didn’t mind, although it took a few minutes up, it was informative. The reading of Sir Pratchett’s newest Discworld novel, ‘Snuff’ was well done. The fact that we got to have a sneaky listen made me happy. My sister wasn’t so happy about it, because she doesn’t read the Discworld novels and was just tagging along because she wanted to go to Sydney. (The other reason was that this was the only way she’d get me to go to Sydney.)

While the conversation between Sir Pratchett and Nix was engaging, entertaining and fascinating, occasionally we didn’t quite catch what was said. Either this was because the speakers were mumbling; not talking into the microphone; or we’re becoming deaf in our old age.  

As I mentioned in the article I wrote about Sir Pratchett for the PWE blog, I didn’t do any research on the topic of the conversation between Sir Pratchett and Garth Nix before attending the event. I was surprised when the topic of assisted euthanasia came up. After we had finished at the Opera House, I mentioned this during dinner to my mother, and she told me she agrees with Sir Pratchett, that people with incurable illnesses should have the opportunity to choose how they die. This just reiterated what Sir Pratchett said, and to me, showed that Sir Pratchett’s views are well thought out, argued and there are other people who support it.   

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